Album Review: Comatose

Check out our album review of Skillet’s Comatose!

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Best Movie Soundtracks

Soundtracks are extremely important in the entertainment industry, whether it’s for movies, TV shows, videogames, or musicals. See my favorites here!

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Album Review: Attack

Today I’m reviewing Disciple’s most recent full length album, Attack. Disciple used to be signed on Sony’s Fair Trade Services, but has decided to go independent and left in 2013/2014. Now before you say, “Oh, they left their record label. They probably won’t sound good anymore because they’re independent and won’t have the money to […]

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Album Review: Flyleaf

Tonight I’m reviewing Flyleaf’s self-titled album from 2005. It’s probably my second favorite Flyleaf album, behind Memento Mori. I would also like to dedicate this review to my best friend Ellie.┬áMy dear bestie and I have known each other for close to ten years. We agree on a lot of things. Except music. Which, now […]

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Album Review: End Of Silence

Today, my album review is Red’s first album, End Of Silence. It only seemed fitting since that’s where I got my blog name. End Of Silence was released on June 6, 2006, through Essential Records and End Of Silence: Deluxe Edition was released on November 13. 2007. Michael Barnes did lead vocals & Background Vocals, […]

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