Welcome to Sound Of Madness Blog!

My name is Natalie! I love writing and reviewing things, specifically entertainment

related! I’m based out of the Vacationland: Maine! When I started this blog, I was thirteen.  3 years later, here I am and still in love with blogging and the communities that form from it! In entertainment, I love all types of music (from rock to pop to classical… everything’s good!), playing piano and guitar, watching movies, and all things Marvel! (I’m a Winter Soldier fan.) Outside of that, I love getting into mischief with my dog, working out, cooking, hanging out with my family, skiing, swimming, and exploring places.

My first live interview ever with Devour The Day lead singer, Blake Allison.


Sound Of Madness is mainly focused on reviews for entertainment and my favorite products, but we also post music news, interviews with people in the entertainment industry, and I love talking about my journey with physical fitness. (That’s a wide range, I know!) I believe there isn’t enough good reviews to help people figure out if the movie/game/book is worth their time. I know, at least, in my case, I’ve watched many a crappy movie or read an overly disappointing book. I want to help others find good books, movies, music, and other products!


With our interviews, I started doing those to help others get the advice and insight about the entertainment industry… but with a twist. I wanted to get the information straight from the band, musician, Youtuber, producer, actor, author, etc.. I’ve been able to working with Breaking Benjamin, Thousand Foot Krutch, Devour The Day, NBC’s the Voice star Jason Wilkes, Grammy award-winning producer Seth Mosely, Group 1 Crew, Rapture Ruckus, and more. It has been so incredible to work with so many people! I hope that if you’re hoping to start a career in the music industry (or the different entertainment industries), maybe something here could help you!


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