Our Signature Question… and All of the Answers

If you’ve read or watched a Sound Of Madness Blog interview, you’ve probably heard this questions: If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only listen to one album, what album would it be and why?

It’s our “signature” question. (Honestly, it’s not very original, but hey, it stuck.)

Today, we’re looking back over the years to see what others have had to say.


“It depends on what day you ask me. I have a ton of favorite albums but not one that reigns over all of them. It would likely be by The Killers though.” – Jason Wilkes, WILKES, High Flight Society, Disciple

“Oh wow… tough question! Maybe “Hide Nothing” from Further Seems Forever.” – Josh Taylor, Blimey Cow

“Killswitch Engage – “As Daylight Dies”.  It’s got everything I love in an album.” – Dan Johnson, RED, Love & Death

“This answer would probably change every week. Right now I love Volcano Chior’s album Repave.” – Nathaniel  Deleon, Chasing The Light

“I like A LOT of albums, but my favorite song of all time has to be “Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohn. It’s the definition of a perfectly written song. Not easy to achieve!” – Trevor McNevan, Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static

“The Who, Live at Leeds. Take a listen for yourself and you’ll know why.” – Ryan Brown, Static Fiction

“Rocky IV soundtrack!  I would just train until I die!  Haha!” – Rob Beckley, Pillar

“Silence, I’d listen to silence. There was a band from Sweden or Germany that literally just played silence, they were just silent. It was a concept… I like Ian Foreman a lot. He’s not really heard of. He’s really eclectic. I’m from the North so I discovered a lot of really weird bands from listening to really weird radio stations.” – Justin Forshaw, As We Ascend, We As Human

“John Mayer’s Continuum.” – Jake Jones, As We Ascend, We As Human

“That’s a tough question to answer. I guess I would have to look at my library of music and- there’s probably data somewhere in iTunes that says over the last ten years what album have I listened to the most. Ummm… stuck on desert island… well, it would need to be- If I was stuck on a desert island and could only listen to one record, it would need to be something that makes me feel.. good about my situation or helps me see that the glass is half full rather than half empty. So it couldn’t be anything too angst-y or depressing or dark, it would need to be something kind of uplifting. So… I don’t know! That’s a tough question! A record that I want to take with me and have….. Let me come back to that, I’ll think about that.” – Andrew Schwab, Project 86

“Can I pick a band instead of an album? Okay, Sigur Rós. That’s my band. I just love their music, but I can’t just pick one album. Like, if I could have a playlist, a Sigur Rós playlist, that would be it.” – Tracey Graves, Becoming Jewelry

“Crowder’s “American Prodigal” because it has a message of hope, anthems, up beat songs, as well as heart hitters that will make you feel!” – Brittany Mullins, Beneath The Skin Foundation

“Frank Sinatra greatest hits. Always takes me away and makes me feel like I’m in a movie.” – Manwell Reyes, Group 1 Crew

“It’s like picking your favorite child. When you have multiple children, if you pick one, the others won’t think they’re as good. So… Um… You know today there’s Spotify so… You know, our first record- not that I would listen to our own jam BUT there’s a bunch of music on there that’s about being stuck in prison. And an island would be like a prison so- not that I would listen to it, but I would have it just to remind myself that I can get off this island.” – Blake Allison, Devour The Day

“Gosh. That’s so hard.  That’s so hard. That question isn’t even fair. It’s wrong. Here’s why. You could pick this great album that you love, but if it was the only thing you had to listen to, odds are you’d probably get tired of it and grow to hate it. Which would be horrible. So… man, I’m going to go with no album. None.” – Keith Wallen, Breaking Benjamin, Keith Wallen (solo act), Adelitas Way

“Mahavishnu Orchestra -Visions of the Emerald Beyond.” – Tony Lucas, We Are Band Nerds

“The only record I would take with me would be Master Of Puppets by Metallica. The reason why is because I believe that is the greatest metal record ever recorded. It has the best riffs that everybody tries to re-create still to this day.” – Mark Anthony, The Letter Black

“This one is simple for me. The new Pain record from The Letter Black.” – Sarah Anthony, The Letter Black

“The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place by Explosions In The Sky. If I was on a deserted island, I feel like eventually I would get tired of something that had lyrics, so only an instrumental album would be nice!” – Erica Wallen, Scarlet White

“Probably “Mean What You Say” by the band Sent By Ravens. Truly one of the greatest rock albums ever written in my opinion. It never got the push it needed. But listen to it. Incredible.” – Ryan Hayes, Righteous Vendetta

The Joshua Tree, U2. It is timeless. The songwriting, the sounds, the production, everything. It just carries a universal feeling and never gets old. You can hear the passion in every word from Bono’s performances. That was before serious editing came into play. I appreciate hearing imperfections. So definitely an old record like that. I wish we could get away with more imperfections in our modern music. But we’ve got to give the kids what they want right?” – Seth Mosley, Full Circle Music Studio

“Oh geez. One album. That is hard. Probably something positive. One of my favorite albums to listen to is… I can’t remember the title of it, but I really like Michael Bublé. It’s very uplifting, very heart yearning stuff. I think we kind of try to do that stuff in our music. Just a lot heavier with guitars and strings. I like his voice a lot, just the way he sings. I do a lot of my warmups and practices just singing his record or singing a lot of his songs. It would be fun to have that record, I don’t know what specific  record it would be but definitely a Michael Bublé. That song “I’m Feeling Good”, I’d want that. Something that just lifts you up.” – Michael Barnes, RED

“A Perfect Circle’s Mer de Noms, cause it’s my favorite album and it takes me away.” – Jon Olivarez, Sons Of Texas

“Sam Smith’s new record “This is Sam Smith”.  His vocals truly are one of the very best!” – James Barre, James Barre (solo artist)


What would you choose if you were stuck on deserted island? Let us know below!


2 thoughts on “Our Signature Question… and All of the Answers

  1. A lot of people don’t know about this group let alone this album but it would have to be The Go! Team’s The Scene Between. This band is a mix of old school hip hop, indie, alternative music that goes ahead and throws in marching band sounds and chanting. I rarely am able to listen to any album completely and love it but this might be the only album that I can say I love all the way through.

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  2. I’d have to go with Queens greatest hits! I know I’m cheating a bit there as it’s a combination of their albums but I’m sure it would make interesting busting out “I want to break free” at the top of my lungs haha!

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