Interview: Seth Mosley

Today’s interview is our first producer interview and with none other than Grammy and Dove Award winning producer Seth Mosley!


Seth_Photo_-_Studio_512_512_s_c1SOM: Can you please introduce yourself for the blog? (Name/Where you’re from/Studio)

SM: I’m Seth Mosley, based in Franklin, Tennessee, at Full Circle Music Studios.

SOM: When you started your musical career, did you see yourself becoming a producer or did you have a different plan?

SM: I started out as an artist, but as the story unfolded, I realized that my sweet spot is behind the scenes. I love empowering the person standing at the front of the stage to go out and build raving fans. I always did production on my own stuff, but where the doors really started opening, was when I produced for other artists. You follow momentum, so that’s what I did.

SOM: If you could collaborate with any musician, producer, or band (living or dead), who would you choose?

SM: Ryan Tedder, Chris Martin, Johnny Cash, Rich Mullins.

SOM: What has been the most important thing you have learned or picked up from someone you have worked with?

SM: That as a producer, this is a service industry. I learned that from my mentor, Grammy winning mixer Reid Shippen. It’s not about our vision. We are purely here to serve the artists. They are the ones that go tour the music and do all of the heavy lifting on the back end, so the biggest win for me is that they walk away feeling 100% pumped that they’ve just created the best work of their career.

SOM: When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

SM: I’m a family man. I love my wife and 2 daughters. Pretty much any “free time” is spent with them. Probably dancing to the Trolls Soundtrack. Shoutout to that Justin Timberlake amazingness. 🙂

SOM: If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only listen to one album, what album would it be and why?

The Joshua Tree, U2. It is timeless. The songwriting, the sounds, the production, everything. It just carries a universal feeling and never gets old. You can hear the passion in every word from Bono’s performances. That was before serious editing came into play. I appreciate hearing imperfections. So definitely an old record like that. I wish we could get away with more imperfections in our modern music. But we’ve got to give the kids what they want right?

SOM: What advice would you give to someone starting on their journey through the music industry?centricity-music-SESAC-2

SM: Never ever ever give up. This has to be a calling. It cannot be a hobby if you want to find long term success in it. Treat it like it’s your business. Oh yea, and study business. Study great entrepreneurs as much as you study great producers. I know some of the most musically talented geniuses out there, who have no business or marketing savvy. Sadly, those are the ones that burn out quickly. Also, learn to find balance and enjoy the process. I used to take things much more personally than I do right now. When someone says they want to change everything you just worked for 2 days on, change it, and do it with a smile. Again, we are here to serve.


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