One Year Anniversary of Our Specialty!

No, the blog has not been around for one year. (It’s been around two years.)

No, we’re not celebrating the release of an album, the debut of an artist, etc..

What are we celebrating this month?

May marks the one-year anniversary of Sound Of Madness Blog’s addition of interviews!

That’s right, we’ve been working with bands, musicians, business and organization owners, Youtubers, authors, and more for over one year now!

How did it all begin? I watch a lot of Youtube. One night, I was showing my brother a couple funny interviews from KidsInterviewBands. The next day at work, I told him that I wish I could interview bands…

Then we realized I probably could.

That night, I sent out a couple requests, did some research, and made some lists. We booked our first interview, which was with former Disciple bassist and High Flight Society singer Jason Wilkes. (You can read it here:  Artist Interview: Jason Wilkes.) We then started sending out more and more requests. We’ve done a lot in a year!

We’ve been able to work with Thousand Foot Krutch, Breaking Benjamin, Devour The Day, Love & Death, Project 86, As We Ascend, and more. We’ve also been honored to help up-and-coming bands get the word out about their music.

We’ve been turned down by a lot of bands. It can be frustrating, but I wouldn’t have it anyway else. I’ve learned a lot the past year!

Because of my great followers (you guys!) and some wonderful publicists, artists, and managers, I’ve been able to follow my dreams. Thank you to everyone that’s helped me get here!

(Side note: I’ve been thinking about writing this post so much that I started having dreams about it. I recently had a dream that I started writing it, then All Time Low’s Jack Barakat came to me with advice about it. Which, that was strange, but hey, I wrote the post!)


Alright, that’s enough writing in past-tense.  Let’s move on to the future!

Sound Of Madness Blog is going to a concert. (Not very surprising, but there’s more to it.)

We’re going to Rise Above Festival in July and we need your help!


We’re going to be sending out A LOT of interview request for this! What we need is followers. The more followers we have, the more managers/publicists are likely to give us a chance at interviewing their bands.

Here are some ways you can help!

Subscribe to the website either via email or via a WordPress account.

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Instagram!

Like us on Facebook!

Subscribe to us on our Youtube channel!


We appreciate all the help we can get! Our main goal is to book an interview with Skillet. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that that will mean a lot to me!

Thank you so much for supporting us for a whole year of interviews and we look forward to giving you more!


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