Concerts 2017!

As a music blogger and general lover of music, I really love concerts.

Like really reaaaalllllyyy love concerts.

I’ve had my fair share of concert going experience. I figure, why not share some recommendations and advice with my blog followers?

Here we go! My top two concert recommendations:


  1. Switchfoot

I won’t lie: I will never get tired of Switchfoot. I have seen Switchfoot 3 times in concert. They never get old! Their live sound is nearly identical to their studio albums.  Jon Foreman really knows how to keep a crowd engaged as well!

The first time I saw them was at RiverRock Fest 2015 in Bethel, Maine. They were the headliners for the first night. The second time was at Night Of Joy Festival 2016 in Orlando, Florida (which I’ll go over in more detail). Last time I saw Switchfoot was at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine, on their Looking For America Part 2 Tour.



     2.   Skillet

Wow, I really never change, do I? It’s no surprise that my top two picks were Switchfoot and Skillet. I saw Skillet at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine, on the second leg of the Unleashed Tour. And they were…


One of the best, if not the best, concerts I’ve been too! The entire show was amazing! Skillet will always put on an action-filled, loud, hyperactive show!

My other recommendations are:

  1. Relient K
  2. Disciple
  3. Hawk Nelson
  4. Devour The Day
  5. Jeremy Camp
  6. Sick Puppies
  7. Rend Collective
  8. TobyMac
  9. Newsboys
  10. Phil Wickham
  11. Kutless
  12. The Afters
  13. Chris August

Those are my top recommendations!

Who are your favorite bands to see live? What is your favorite concert or festival? Let us know in the comments!

So speaking of concerts, do you know that this blogger is trying to get into a big rock festival to get you guys some new interviews?

That’s right! We are working on getting into Rise Above Festival in July! We’re going to try to work with bands like Starset, Skillet, Avatar, Red Sun Rising, Pop Evil, Shinedown, and more!

BUT… we need your help!

In order to get more interviews, we need more subscribers! Make sure that you’re subscribe via email or WordPress on here and invite your friends to follow us too! We appreciate all the help we can get!

Thanks for reading this post and if you have any ideas regarding the blog, shoot them at me either via the contact button at the top of the screen or via Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Google+!



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