Interview: Brittney Mullins

Read our interview with Brittney Mullins, founder of Beneath The Skin, below! This interview took place over email on December 19, 2016.

Brittany-MullinsSOM: Could you please introduce yourself for the blog?
BM: My name is Brittany Mullins and I am the Founder of Beneath The Skin!
SOM: What does your organization specialize in?
BM: [Beneath The Skin] specializes in providing relationship through mentoring and community to teens and young adults who are facing trials of all kinds.npeua2w7smgqbcrhqujw

SOM: What made you start Beneath The Skin?

BM: I met a girl at a Memphis May Fire show back in 2008 and she was telling me about her drug addiction, broken home situation, and self-harm. I then continued meeting teens and young adults who were facing the same situations and I knew something had to change! I continued to pray about it and God gave me clarity and the means to make a change in 2015.
SOM: Dealing with some of the situations your team deals with must be tough. What gets you and your team through?
BM: Our faith, and knowing the difference that is being made is positive and life changing for everyone involved. 
SOM: Where do you see BTS going in the next 5 years?
BM: Available everywhere in the US and possibly in Canada and/or the UK!

Matty__Brittany_MullinsSOM: If BTS could partner with or be endorsed by any band or celebrity, who would you want it to be?

BM: Honestly, anyone who is passionate about seeing their fans overcome and live a healthy lifestyle! We are currently partnered with Paramore, Memphis May Fire, and Natalie Taylor. We are so blessed by their support and if we could break into other genres that would be incredibly helpful in reaching even more people in need. 
SOM: If you were stuck on a desert island and could only listen to one album, what album would it be and why?
BM: Crowder “American Prodigal” because it has a message of hope, anthems, up beat songs, as well as heart hitters that will make you feel!
SOM:  What advice would give someone trying to start their own organization?
BM: Never Give Up!!! There are days where you will want to, and you will doubt yourself, but know that you were given this task because you CAN do it!
SOM: Since it’s almost Christmas, what is one thing on your wishlist?
BM: Time. I love quality time with my family and those I love, and I don’t get enough of it. This time of year brings everyone together! 
RTud5qk2SOM: Finally, what advice would give someone struggling with anything?
BM: It is only a season, and you will get through it. There is always a light at the end of tunnel, pain doesn’t last forever. It is temporary and you are not alone. The best part is that once it is over you will be stronger, more empathetic, and have a wider more genuine perspective on life!

Thank you Mrs. Mullins for participating in this interview!

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