Artist Interview: Ric Zweig

Today’s Artist Interview is with singer Ric Zweig. It was wonderful to work with him and his publicist Yvonne! The interview took place over email on December 2nd. Read it below:

SOM: Could you please introduce yourself for the blog?
RZ: My name is Ric Zweig.  I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist presently from Hollywood, Florida about to move to New Orleans, Louisiana.
SOM: How did you get started in music? 
RZ: As a child, I listened to my father play classical and show music on the phonograph.  At the same time, I discovered Buddy Holly and Scotty Moore (Elvis’ first guitar player).  I been hooked ever since.
SOM: Where is your favorite place to play a show? 
RZ: My about to be new home.  New Orleans, Louisiana.
SOM: What are your biggest inspirations to write music?
RZ: I write about my life experiences with much emphasis on the many wonderful and beautiful women I have met in my life.
SOM: If you could write or guest with any musician (living or dead), who would it be and why?
RZ: Without a doubt, Van Morrison.  He is the consummate singer/songwriter performer, combined with a sharp insight into what life is all about.
SOM: What is the most encouraging or inspirational song/lyric to you?
RZ: I was tempted to choose something I had recently written about my impending move to New Orleans, but must go with “FOREVER YOUNG” by Bob Dylan, which says all it needs to in only 2 words.
album-coverSOM:  If you were stuck on a desert island and could only listen to one album, what album would it be and why?
RZ: An album that few know or remember, “FOREVER CHANGES” by ‘LOVE’.  The title says it all.  The most unified album I have ever listened to.  Simply brilliant.
SOM: If you could visit and play at any place/venue in the world, where would it be?  
RZ: That’s easy.  Wouldn’t everybody say RED ROCK AMPHITHEATRE near Denver, Colorado?
SOM: When you are not working on music, what else do you like to do?
RZ: Play sports, read books, play Chess or Blackjack, enjoy exotic sports cars and be with friends.
SOM: Finally, what advice would you give to new musicians?  
RZ: It’s the JOURNEY, not the DESTINATION that counts.  Play often with other musicians and NEVER abandon your dreams.  The mere fact that we play music validates our lives with meaning, and HAVE FUN no matter what comes your way.

For more information on Ric’s music, go to

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