Happy 4th Of July!

Hey everyone!

Natalie here; I just wanted to wish you a safe and fantastic 4th Of July!

Here are my tips:

  1. Enjoy time with your family: Guys, seriously. I have all 5 of my cousins at my house right now (it’s madness!) and one of my best friends. We have a total of 12 people currently at our house and we should have 14 tomorrow. I may get in some stupid squabble with a cousin or two, but that shouldn’t deter me from enjoying my precious time with them!  Remember, you won’t always be together, so enjoy it while it lasts!
  2. Be Safe!!!!: Less than 8 hours after everyone showed up, someone got injured…….Oh, wait. It was me….. I cut my finger open while grabbing a knife. It still hurts even though it happened over 2 days ago! So, make sure everything is safe, protect yourself, be careful with knives/fire/guns, and make sure it’s not too dry for fireworks!
  3. Be hydrated, well rested, and eat!: STRESS THIS. Even if you’re not CRAZY busy like me, make sure you eat, hydrate, and sleep enough!

Happy 4th Of July from everyone here at SOM Blog!

God Bless America!!



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