Artist Interview: Dan Johnson

I was giving the honor of interviewing one of the most talented drummers I know of:untitled-39.jpg Dan Johnson. Dan Johnson is the current drummer of Love & Death and he’s also the current touring drummer for RED. His drumming on Love & Death’s most recent album, Between Here & Lost is AMAZING! I cannot wait to hear his work on the new Love & Death album. We conducted the interview over email. I’d also like to thank his terrific  publicist, Yvonne. It was amazing to work with both of them for this interview.

Now.. The interview:

My name is Dan Johnson,  I love playing drums of any kind…playing drums  is truly why I exist.   But nothing replaces that feeling I get when I’m onstage doing what I love, and connecting with the audience.  
1. How was touring with RED on WinterJam versus a regular tour? 
1) WinterJam was life changing. Truly lucky to have been a part of it.
2. Could you talk a little about the new Love and Death album? What can we expect from it?
2) Honestly I don’t know much about i, lol. We haven’t written together for it.
3. Who are some of your biggest musical influences as a drummer?
3)Vinnie Paul , Tommy Lee , and Matt Sorum
DAN JOHNSON4. You’ve worked and toured with many different bands. What band is the most influential on you? (Not just musically, but also how they act towards fans and such.)
4)That’s tough ! Honestly L&D and Red have both changed my life in every way. As a man and a musician.  
5. What is one fact about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?
5)  I’m terrified of heights and spiders ……haha
6. What is your advice to anyone seeking to get into the music industry? 
You’re going to have to sacrifice everything and anything to make it happen. Play music with as many people as possible. Never be too proud for any gig.  Nonstop perseverance and practice, practice, practice!  Most of all, never give up on your dreams.
7. If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only one album to listen to, what album would it be and why?
Killswitch Engage – “As Daylight Dies”.  It’s got everything I love in an album. 
Love & Death (from L to R): Michael Valentine, Dan Johnson, Brian “Head” Welch, and J.R. Bareis.
8. If you could play a show with any band or musician (living or dead), who would you choose and where would you play?
 Hmmmmm…. well, I love all styles of music, so there’s so many artists that come to mind.  I would’ve loved to be in a super group with Lemmy! 
9. What is the most random thing that you have seen or has happened to you on tour (or at a show)?  That’s a good one.  Well, once someone took off their prosthetic leg to have me sign it,  lol
10. And finally, of all the shows and places you’ve played, what place is your favorite?  In the USA I would say I always love Vegas … outside the USA, I’d have to say  Amsterdam 🙂 

You can follow Dan on all social media and you can check out his website at . You can also hear his work on Red’s “Of Beauty and Rage” (2015) and Love & Death’s “Between Here and Lost” (2013) to name a few.

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