New Singles: May 2016

If you’ve been following my blog for the past two months, you’ve probably seen that there’s a lot of music coming out that I’m EXTREMELY excited about….

But the singles have come out, so this is a whole new post.

Thousand Foot Krutch:


Thousand Foot Krutch has a new album coming out on June 17th, called EXHALE. TFK has released five singles to support the album: “Born Again”, “Incomplete”, “Running With Giants”, “Give Up The Ghost” and (just today through Revolver) “A Different Kind Of Dynamite”. I’m really enjoying all of them and cannot wait to fully review EXHALE. Listen and read about it on Revolver.




The North Corridor, Chevelle’s new album that is currently set to release on July 8th, is rumored to be “darker and heavier”. They set up a countdown clock for the pre-order packages (which went on sale last week. Check them out here.) Last time I got reeled into a band merch thing, it was a miserable waste of money. My dear mother was trying her best to stop me from continuing on my foolish ways last week..index

It didn’t work…

I pre-ordered The North Corridor.

 When you pre-order The North Corridor from Chevelle’s website, they throw in a digital download of their new single, “Joyride (Omen)”. Kinda of like they’re saying, “Thanks for recklessly spending your money on an album that you’ve never heard. Here’s just a little song to keep you happy.”

Just from the single, I do not regret ordering this album.

Check it out.




Skillet. Finally. It’s been too long.

Skillet FINALLY released the first single, album name, and release date. index.jpg


The album’s title is UNLEASHED and it will be out August 5th.

The first single is called “Feel Invincible” and they just released another clip from a new song called “Back From The Dead”. (I mean just. As I am writing this, they put it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram 9 minutes ago.)




RED is re-releasing End Of Silence to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. It will be released 1461687753814June 3rd. It will have the original  11 tracks that have been remastered, a remastered remix, 3 acoustic tracks, a new song called “If I Break”, and a new unreleased instrumental/unfinished track.





All of these albums are available for pre-order currently everywhere.


What albums are you excited for? Comment below!


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