Book Review: With My Eyes Wide Open

Today I am reviewing Brian “Head” Welch’s book, With My Eyes Wide Open. Welch is the lead guitarist of KoRn and the lead vocalist/guitarist of Love & Death/Brian Head Welch. His previous book releases consisted of Save Me From Myself, Washed By The Blood, and Stronger. I was so honored to be part of his launch team for this book and I was ecstatic to read it! I received my digital copy of the book at 9:30 pm and finished it at 1:44 am… That is a never in my house. I’m never that excited about a book. Anyway, continuing the review:

“With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes On My Way Back To KoRn” is described by Welch in the trailer using one word: Restoration. That is the only description I will take for this book.

If you didn’t know, Welch was one of the founding members of the nu-metal band KoRn, from 1993-2005. He was heavily addicted to meth, pills, cocaine and alcohol. He also struggled (and according to his book, he still does struggle) with depression and anger. He went through a brutal divorce in 2001 and became a single father. After becoming a born-again Christian, he quit KoRn to take care of his daughter, Jennea….

That’s where Save Me From Myself left off, in 2007. Now, With My Eyes Wide Open picks up there.

WMEWO starts with a tearjerking prologue that takes place in 2012 with Welch and his suicidal 16-year-old daughter Jennea getting into a fight. The prologue ends with Welch wondring, “What if all this is happening because I went back to KoRn?”

Then we begin where Save Me From Myself left off. Welch is out of KoRn and happily taking care of his daughter. He moves the both of them out to Arizona where he tries his best to be a good father. He even tells the humorous story about how he bought Jennea a hamster and immediately regretted it. The book digs deep into his struggle as a single father, his daughter’s depression, the scams he got mixed up in with his supposed “producer”, his two solo bands (Brian Head Welch & Love and Death), and re-joining KoRn after close to ten years after his departure.

The main themes of this book are restoration, forgiveness and overcoming struggles. The scene were Welch has to leave Jennea at an 18 month recovery program for her severe depression COMPLETELY DEVASTATED me. I cried, which is rare for me to cry about a book. But it was so real. It is real. This isn’t a work of fiction. This is Welch’s real life, his real struggles, his real redemption! It’s a beautifully written book. Welch will make you laugh. He will make think. He will make cry. But most importantly, both Brian and Jennea will inspire you.

I recommend this book to ANYONE. It’s a wonderful read that will impact you greatly! I give it a five out of five stars!


Purchase With My Eyes Wide Open on Amazon.


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