Album Review: Attack

Today I’m reviewing Disciple’s most recent full length album, Attack. Disciple used to be signed on Sony’s Fair Trade Services, but has decided to go independent and left in 2013/2014. Now before you say, “Oh, they left their record label. They probably won’t sound good anymore because they’re independent and won’t have the money to afford to make a great new album.” What…? I can personally tell you (and so can many other reliable sources), that this is quite possibly Disciple’s best work. I say this a lot. Of course, I’ll say it until Long Live The Rebels comes out (Can’t wait!)


But I should also tell you I had the chance to attend a City Rockfest concert.






My friend Kristina took me and we got to meet them.


I was ecstatic, but EXTREMELY nervous.

It was awesome, but this post isn’t what this is about. I’ll do a separate one about City Rockfest.


Attack was released on September 23, 2014. It was produced by Travis Wyrick. Lead vocals were done by veteran member Kevin Young. The band also welcomed new-comers Josiah Prince, Joey West, Andrew Stanton and Jason Wilkes. Andrew Stanton and Josiah Prince did guitars, Jason Wilkes did bass/background vocals and Joey West did drums. Sadly, Jason left the band in early 2015. Check out his new solo project WILKES. I should also mention that Attack was nominated for Rock Album of the Year [2015] at the Dove Awards, but they lost to Red.

Anyway, onto tracks.

disciple_attack_album_cover_2014.jpgTrack 1-“Radical”: Album opener “Radical” is a hard hitting, loud screaming pledge to be a RADICAL believer for Christ. The ripping guitars are astounding, either the heavy riffs or acoustic bridge. It’s Biblical lyrics are awesome as well.

Track 2- “Attack”: The album’s title track is the first track to really start the topic of the war between believers and Satan. This track is about fighting the Devil and being victorious. It’s a great song that could be on WWE.

Track 3- “Dead Militia”: May I state my opinion? I. FREAKIN’. LOVE. THIS. SONG. It’s probably Attack’s heaviest track. AND IT’S AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!! This is the fight song of Christ’s army! We are the DEAD MILITIA! We are to fight the Devil and his demons, and we will win! Rant over. 🙂

Track 4- “Scarlet”: This is probably tied with “Kamikaze” as my favorite song. I absolutely love the meaning of “Scarlet”. It’s about Christ’s true and wonderful forgiveness that He gives us. The chorus is beautiful:

Though my sins they be as scarlet
though my hands have been an enemy of God
Though my heart has played the harlot
You gave me more than I deserve
when You washed my whole world as white as snow.

The moving lyrics, on top of the powerful guitars and beautiful vocals, is why I love this song.

Track 5- “Unbroken”: Before I say “This is one of my faves” one more time, I’ll just say that I LOVE this album. Anyway, “Unbroken” is basically about putting our trust in Christ. It’s about believing that He will get us through anything, even the worst thing that could every happen to you, but knowing you won’t be broken in your faith and belief in Him.

Track 6- “The Name”: Here’s the basic rundown of “The Name”: It’s the most worship-y song I’ve EVER heard and it’s REALLY heavy. The hard-hitting fast drums, the heavy guitars, the screams, the AMAZING vocals, the piano melody/ cry to Jesus outro, it’s all breathtaking. It always moves me every time I listen to it! This is the chorus:

I will not be afraid to speak Your Name
I don’t care if they drag me off in chains
No power from hell can shake my faith
I’m not afraid to speak Your Name
This body will starve these bones will break
But as long as I’ve got the lungs to breathe
I will not be afraid to speak Your name

Track 7- “Angels & Demons”: I screamed this song at the concert, I mean SCREAMED. I love this song SOOOOO much and I felt the need to help hurt people’s eardrums. It was great fun. I don’t think actually anyone noticed, it was so loud at the concert.

“Angels & Demons” is about knowing and believing that nothing can take us away from Christ. It’s that simple.

Jason’s additional vocals are a great touch to this song. It gives the song a different sound.

Track 8- “Lion”: This track is about being “bold like a lion” in the face of Satan. Basically another a song about fighting Satan’s army. Again, I love that Jason does most of the chorus. Not that I don’t love Kevin (That’s stupid; There is no possible way to hate Kevin Young.), it’s just that I loved Jason in High Flight Society and he has such an impressive voice.

Track 9- “Yesterday Is Over”: Ah, my first Disciple song I learned on guitar. Actually, one of the first few songs I learned. This song helps me a lot. It’s about letting go of your past troubles and focusing on God’s forgiveness, love and grace. It’s a magnificent softer track that I really really REALLY want to do in church. Kevin’s vocals in this song are top notch. This song actually helps me relax (A very rare thing) and brings a sense of peace to me. Even if you don’t like Disciple or hard rock, I encourage you to check out this song. It will move you.

Track 10- “Kamikaze”: Just when you thought things were calming down on Attack, “Kamikaze” hits you in the face. Face melting rock, basic description of this song. This song pumps me up a lot. It’s a great song for working out. Anyway, “Kamikaze” COULD be about either #1. ending an abusive relationship or #2. continuing the fight with the Devil. It’s probably about taking down the Devil, but I also interpreted it as #1. The guitars on this song are incredible and crazy (Ha, read the next song title). This track is quite heavy, but it’s one of my personal favorite Disciple songs.

Track 11- “Crazy”: “Crazy” literally sounds crazy. The roaring guitar licks, Joey’s insane drumming, Kevin’s screams and vocals, even Jason’s bass riffs, all of the elements stack up to a seriously heavy but awesome track. “Crazy” is about clearing your head of sinful thoughts and kicking the Devil’s grip on your life. Also another great song to workout to.

Track 12- “The Right Time”: Attack finally calms down and finishes up with the most beautiful, haunting song called “The Right Time”. It’s about God saving us from the dark hopeless times when we think we can’t go on. Here’s the first verse and chorus:

My ship is going down tonight
And the waves are drowning out all the life
And I’m pretty sure there’s no way I will make it out

Then just at the right time God comes crashing in
Just at the right time I’m saved by His hand
Just when I thought all hope was lost and this would be the end
There was God just at the right time

I love this song to pieces. It’s beautiful; it has that Disciple rock sound, the Disciple lyrics and is completely true and we can probably all relate to it. I hope that you check this one out.


I would give Attack (and Disciple) a five out of five stars. I listen to this album every day. I can’t get enough of it. Let’s hope Long Live The Rebels will be just as great. 🙂



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