Fitness Edition

Courtesy of Brent Smith

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming this title has confused you. It’s confusing me. Anyway, this isn’t a devotional. This is me talking about health, fitness and musicians..? Stick with me.

I am meeting Disciple next month. And I’ve lost it. I decided that I can’t go looking like crap. I hate looking like crap. So I’ve been working out and really pushing myself. I have been running every night for the past five nights. I have been doing push-ups. I have been planking. I have been trying to eat healthy (with the monthly exception of Five Guys). I have been wincing as I turn in bed…… and it’s only been 5. Freakin’. Nights.

But! It’s been five days and I have successfully lost over three pounds! That’s okay with me! Anyway, in this post I just wanted to talk about who and what has inspired me to push myself. Let us begin.


I feel awful when I don’t work out. I don’t look great when I don’t work out. I haven’t kicked the Christmas cookies yet. And it’s Cadbury Mini-Egg season. Enough said.


  1. Disciple (Kevin Young, Joey West, Josiah Prince, Andrew Stanton and Jason Wilkes)
From L to R: Andrew, Joey, Josiah, and Kevin. Jason left the band.

Disciple. They make me push myself because I want to look okay when I meet them. They have many a huge difference in my life and this is going to be part of it. Enough said.

2. Shinedown (Brent Smith, Zach Myers, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch)

Let me think of reasons that Shinedown inspires me.. Hmm…:

  1. The fact that Brent has lost over 70 pounds in a couple years. Now I don’t want to lose 70 pounds, but he’s pretty good inspiration.
  2. The whole band takes their work-outs seriously.
  3. The fact that their music makes me kick some serious butt on my work-outs. I am constantly listening to Threat To Survival, Sound Of Madness, or whatever else I have by them when I’m working out. I was just listening to “Devour” when I was lifting a couple hours ago. Very motivational.

3. Austin Carlile of Of Mice And Men.

Austin Carlile is the lead screamer for Of Mice And Men. He was diagnosed with a serious heart condition called Marfan Syndrome at age 18. His mother died of Marfan Syndrome a year before he was diagnosed. He has gone through many, many surgeries. He is still going strong and writing AMAZING lyrics. The first thing that made me respect him is the fact that he got in serious legal trouble after beating a man up. Please tell me it’s an awful reason. Go on. Okay, I’ll finish. Austin beat up the man because that man was making fun of one of Austin’s closest fans who died of cancer. That little girl meant so much to Austin that he has her name tattooed behind his knee. If you can’t respect someone for standing up for a little girl, I don’t know what will make respect anyone. But how this man is so passionate, and caring, and strong makes me respect him A LOT.

4. Pete Loeffler of Chevelle

Pete Loeffler, lead singer and guitarist of Chevelle. I knew I wasn’t going to make it without bringing him up. As you can see in the picture above (on the right), he was in the hospital. A video will best explain why. Pete being graceful. Watch it, starting at 1:30 if you just want to see the action. It’s quick but you get the picture. He didn’t break any bones, but he did have to have a brace on it for a while and play multiple shows seated. But he went on. He even finished the show after he got back up on stage. That’s a passion for music for you. I hope to be the same and I hope to persevere despite my tumbles.


I can’t say that my dear friends don’t help me out with my workouts. I can’t give them enough credit, especially Ellie for letting me make a competition out of everything. If you haven’t, go check her out at StyleistaEllie

And God is definitely helping me out!

                                But the most important subject….


Music is the MOST important thing in my workout. Beside water. That’s important too. And sneakers. Those help me out too. Anyway…Here’s a list of some of my favorite stuff to jam to during workouts:

Threat To Survival- Shinedown (2015). My favorite!! This album can either pump me up or “Thick As Thieves” can be my cool down track. It’s worth the listen if you’re into rock.

Transmissions- Starset (2014). This is a great album as well. “Down With The Fallen” is one of my favorites.

“Better Version”- Shinedown (2003). I like Shinedown if you didn’t know. But this song is my official “get fit” song. I want “a better version of me”.

“The Soldier”- Lacey Sturm (2016). Yep, it’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.

“Just Like You”- Three Days Grace (2003).

Sound Of Madness- Shinedown (2009). Now this gets me running.

“Sugar, We’re Going Down”- Fall Out Boy (2005). Just don’t ask. Please.

“Hats Off to the Bull”- Chevelle (2011). It gets me really hyped up and it makes me angry. Anger makes me run. Figure it out.

“The Diary Of Jane”- Breaking Benjamin (2006). Most BB will get me going.

“Sick Of It”- Skillet (2013).

“Feed The Machine”- RED (2011).

The list goes on and on.

So… I’ve got a couple questions for you.

Who are your fitness role models?

What is your jam at the gym?

Are you going to take it light on the Mini Eggs and start running?

Comment below with your answers!


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