The Storms Will Pass

I decided to write around twelve last night and like normal….. I had no idea what my topic was. Then it hit me. Lightning. Now it didn’t hit me literally, but the idea did. The lightning actually made me jump. It not only made me think, but it made me realize that anything can inspire me.

I was lying on my bed, blank notebook in front of me, listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I had no idea there was a storm outside. I looked up from my musings to gaze out at the dark countryside and boom. Lightning. (Yes, this paragraph is a repeat. This is when my mind starts working.) It startled me. It made me realize what was happening.

Life is exactly like this.We’re going through our lives normally (Well, as “normal” as life can be). Then bam, God shocks us with something. He makes us realize what we’re oblivious to. It can be anything. He can strike us with an opportunity. Or He can strike us with something amazing and wake us up in our storms; telling us it’s going to be okay and the storm will pass. Sometimes, we aren’t as fortunate and the things He sends aren’t all happiness and sunshine (ha!), but it makes us realize that nothing is forever and we need to do as much as we can in our time. But in any case, He sends us something that tells us that the storms of our lives will pass.



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