The Waves Of Life

This is a twist. I’m writing something besides music. I don’t leave music very often, but here I go.

This year [2015], I went on a family vacation to North Carolina. We were on the beach for two weeks. We did new stuff like my brother tried hang gliding and I took surf lessons. We learned new stuff like endless facts about the Wright Brothers, Food Lion, and the best doughnut shop.  I learned painfully about about the jellyfish that like to brush across you when you fall off your board  and I also learned that North Carolina has cactus. They are not fun to step on.. AT ALL. Luckily, I was with my wonderful aunt and uncle who saved the day.

After my second surfing lesson, all of us chilled on the beach and went bogie boarding in the large waves. We were fascinated with the pelicans overhead and the silver fish in the waves. Everything was so distracting. You have to have your timing right to get over the waves. I’m a short person, so to get over an eight foot wave, I’ve got to really push myself and have my timing spot on or else I’m never making it over. Same with surfing. As a new surfer, I get exhausted after an hour of fighting waves and getting and staying up on the board. As we’re bogie boarding, my mom or someone will call out, “Look at the fish!” or, “That’s a lot of pelicans!” Or someone will point out some boat or airplane. It’s our obvious reaction to look, and of course, I look. But many occasions, someone would spot something and I’d look at it, not thinking about getting over the wave. Then it would crash into me, and I’d go under, ending up a long way away from the group. Just because I was distracted by something, I would get saltwater up my nose and in my mouth. I would be pushed away from the group and the good waves. And we must remember, I missed a great wave! I’d strive to not let that happen again, but I would let myself get so utterly distracted that I would be swept away. How is this a life lesson, you may ask? Well, I’m getting to it.

surfing_waves_waves_of_life.jpgI thought of it like this. You are the boarder. The ocean is life (Literally and figuratively). You are a normal person, on a normal day. You have a normal life. You let yourself start to get distracted. “I can manage it”, you tell yourself. You get distracted. Then, bam! The wave hits you. It might be an event that you ignored, a tragedy, or an unexpected change. It just head on hits you.

If you’ve ever been to a beach with big waves or a wave pool at a water park, you know it’s fun. But have you ever been having fun, and then it just stops? You’re just fighting and struggling with the waves, and then you get stuck? You can’t breath, you can’t get out because there’s just so many of them, and then you have that feeling of panic that overwhelms you completely? You know those waves? Well, that’s what hits you. You’re thrown under and kept there. Sometimes, someone has to pull you out or somehow the water pushes you up. In life, the only thing that can fully get you out and safe on the beach is God. If you don’t trust Him, the waves will completely beat you down and you could drown. If you trust in people or items, you won’t be safe either. You’ll have false hope, kind of like when you finally get up to breathe, you take a breath, and are pushed back down again. The only way up is God. Even when these “waves” happen in live, remember: God made it happen like that. It will make you build your trust in Him. It will bring you back to Him. No matter what happens, if you trust in God, He will not let you drown. He will bring you back to shore.



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