Movie Review: Mommy Dearest

Tonight I’m writing a review for the 1981 film, Mommy Dearest. My mother and I had a girls shopping day, followed by movie night on Halloween. As normal, we struggled to find a movie to watch. My mother searched and searched, and I quipped in with my stupid, insane, impossible ideas. “The Shining! Friday The 13th! Halloween! It! Christine! The Mist! The Ring! Pet Semetary!” I yelled as we passed each movie. “It’s Halloween, we need to watch a horror movie.” I reasoned. While my mother agreed with my reasoning, she surprisingly said no (That’s me being sarcastic).  We yet again stumbled upon Mommy Dearest.


“Oh, everyone in school was obsessed with that movie. Even I was. All the girls loved it.” My mother told me for the third time. “Well, can’t find anything else. Worth a shot.” I answered. Here’s my professional opinion: If you can’t find anything, you are better off just not watching anything than watching Mommy Dearest.

Here’s a description of Mommy Dearest: A famous actress adopts two kids and for the next two hours and eighteen minutes, you’ll watch her beat them as they come of age. LITERALLY. It’s two hours, eighteen minutes of a psycho beating her daughter physically, emotionally, and mentally. Oh, and the psychopath mother also drinks and acts and gets fired in the meantime.

The only positive content I can give you about this movie is that if you watch this movie, you will appreciate your mother a whole heck of a lot more!!

The objectionable content: Oh, the objectionable content I could give you!! For one, Joan (played by Faye Dunaway) brutally abuses her children. She locks them in closets, cuts all of their hair off, hits her daughter with clothes hangers and containers of cleaning powder, isolates her daughter, takes all their money, and actually strangles her daughter. I mean abuse doesn’t start to describe it. And did I tell you that this was a true story? There’s a lot of alcohol and smoking. One brief scene shows Joan and her boyfriend showering together.  The language is absolutely dreadful in this film.

Technically, this was rated PG back in the day. For back up on this review, I went on IMDb for more info and listed it as R. If you asked me who was correct, IMDb or MPAA, I’d definitely say IMDb. Over all, I’d give this true tale one star for its inappropriate content.




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