The Waves Of Life

This is a twist. I’m writing something besides music. I don’t leave music very often, but here I go. This year [2015], I went on a family vacation to North Carolina. We were on the beach for two weeks. We did new stuff like my brother tried hang gliding and I took surf lessons. We […]

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New Music From TFK??!

Right now, I’m breaking from reviewing music. Now I’m breaking the news. Thousand Foot Krutch (Better known as TFK) released a clip of a new song called “Born Again”. Now, yes, it’s a clip, but I’m freaking about it. I was a little dissatisfied with Oxygen:Inhale. It wasn’t TFK’s normal heavy sound. But… Even though […]

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Album Review: Flyleaf

Tonight I’m reviewing Flyleaf’s self-titled album from 2005. It’s probably my second favorite Flyleaf album, behind Memento Mori. I would also like to dedicate this review to my best friend Ellie.┬áMy dear bestie and I have known each other for close to ten years. We agree on a lot of things. Except music. Which, now […]

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Movie Review: Mommy Dearest

Tonight I’m writing a review for the 1981 film, Mommy Dearest. My mother and I had a girls shopping day, followed by movie night on Halloween. As normal, we struggled to find a movie to watch. My mother searched and searched, and I quipped in with my stupid ideas. “The Shining! Friday The 13th! Halloween! […]

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Album Review: End Of Silence

Today, my album review is Red’s first album, End Of Silence. It only seemed fitting since that’s where I got my blog name. End Of Silence was released on June 6, 2006, through Essential Records and End Of Silence: Deluxe Edition was released on November 13. 2007. Michael Barnes did lead vocals & Background Vocals, […]

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